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Suresh Raina’s Relatives Attacked For Leaving IPL 2020?

Suresh Raina’s relatives attacked by a gang of robbers in Pathankot, Punjab. As this news drew in, fans have been speculating that is it due to Raina’s decision that his relatives got attacked? Let’s find out.

Thariyal village in Pathankot (Punjab) was struck with horror when a gang of robbers attacked a 58-year-old government contractor named Ashok Kumar. Ashok’s family who was on the terrace sleeping were brutally charged by the Kale Kachhewala gang in an attempt to loot. While Ashok had some serious head injuries, he died in the hospital. Rest of the family members are yet to recover.

Their link with Suresh Raina

‘It’s being said that the man was a relative of Suresh Raina but there are no confirmations yet’, said the Pathankot SSP Gulneet Singh. Just after this news broke, Chinna Thala’s fans speculated that maybe this attack happened because Raina refused to play IPL 2020. But this is not the case actually.

Raina, who returned from UAE for some ‘family reasons’, came after a week when this incident happened. While Ashok’s family was attacked on the night of August 19-20, Suresh Raina clearly returned after this. So there is no link between his relatives attacked and leaving IPL 2020.

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Raina’s Untimely Exit from IPL 2020

Suresh Raina returned back to India and has decided not to play IPL 2020 as 10 members of the CSK got corona positive. Moreover, the fact that he was away from his family in the middle of a pandemic jolted him so much that he decided to be with them, away from all risks.

However, it is also said that MS Dhoni and other members tried to convince him, but Raina was too much disturbed. So the team decided to let him leave and be at peace.

Chinna Thala, who has been a star batsman and an outstanding fielder from the IPL Team Chennai Super Kings, left everyone surprised with this move. A wave of sorrow flushed through a million minds that dreamt to see him playing in this IPL alongside Dhoni post-retirement.

The Corona Angle behind Raina’s untimely exit

According to the BCCI, 13 personnel including 2 players have tested corona positive. And as they are completely asymptomatic, early isolation is on the check. All players were given protective bio-spheres to stay, including Raina. But Raina got so restless that he felt highly insecure to be inside those congested bubbles. As per a few officials, Raina got highly impatient and created a ruckus.

When MS Dhoni and other officials intervened and tried to convince him, that seemed nearly impossible. So to favour his interests, the team decided to safely escort him back to India.

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IPL 2020 without Suresh Raina

MS Dhoni, who took retirement from all formats this month, was soon accompanied by Suresh Raina. This was a double shock for fans who have always seen them playing alongside. However, they were a little happy as the news of ‘IPL 2020 being held in UAE’ broke out.

But as Raina returned back home, fans have been sharing their grief all over. That shows how strongly he is going to be missed. This must be a void for MS Dhoni too. CSK in 2020 will miss its star player for sure.

Conclusion on the Link

So it’s clear now that there is no link between Suresh Raina’s IPL exit and attack on the Ashok’s family. However, the family link is yet to be confirmed. Share your comments as to how do you see CSK in IPL 2020 without Suresh Raina.

Also, share this with your family and friends to clarify them on this issue. Stay tuned for more updates on IPL 2020 and teams.




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