SharabiSarkar Trends on Twitter | Know the reason Why!

SharabiSarkar has been trending on the various social media sites for almost 24 hours. And guess what no one gives a damn about it. In lockdown 3.0 starting from 4th May 2020 Government of India has given certain relaxation. One of the major key points of relaxation was opening liquor shops in green zones.

The sudden opening of the liquor shops all over the places has given the “bewadas” of the country to be high on booze. A lot of people were seen sharing their pics with alcohol over social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Delhi’s condition

A line of about 3km was seen at a liquor shop in Delhi. Not only this social distancing was nowhere near in the areas where liquor shops were opened. At several places, police used force to disburse people. There are several photos available over the internet. And the people over twitter are making sure that SharabiSarkar trends.

The sudden outbreak has raised serious concerns about what could happen next. It can be a major factor in spreading COVID19.

SharabiSarkar Trends- Questions to be asked

sharabisarkar trends

  1. Is it that important for the government to open liquor shops? This is the main reason SharabiSarkar has been trending on Twitter for the last 24 hours.
  2. Where did the people get money from? Earlier people complained about having nothing to eat. However, now they have money for the booze.
  3. Is alcohol the only way to revive the economy?
  4. Mr Modi, who complained that Alcohol will consume our kids, is he really concerned about what happens to the people of the country?
  5. Will it not spoil the work done by the government in the last 41 days?

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These questions remain unanswered. However, people on Twitter are leaving no stone unturned and making sure that SharabiSarkar reaches the government and its people. So it’s for the government to answer a few question’s and look to scratch head about their decision.


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