Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani Joins Twitter But not before his Parody

Mukesh Ambani the richest man in India joined twitter on 6th May 2020. However, he already has a parody account which goes by the name of Mukesh Ambani(@asliambani). This parody account has about 19k followers. Just like parody account of other famous people this parody account is also funny and cringe. Mukesh Ambani is known …

covid-19 antibody

Country which claimed to have made Covid-19 antibody

While the world aims at inventing its own Coronavirus vaccine, Israel stands out to have made its own Covid-19 antibody first. This news broke out when Israel’s Defence Ministery officially claimed to have done do. Naftali Bennett on May 5th reported that the IIBR has developed a monoclonal neutralising antibody in its labs. This antibody …

karl marx (socio-economist)

Karl Marx (socio-economist)-Remembering him in Covid19

Karl Marx the socio-economist, the historian, political theorist or the journalist is being remembered by the word in the hard times of COVID19. Today is the 202th anniversary of Karl Marx the socio-economist. Karl Marx was born in Germany and published ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and ‘Das Kapital,’ and these form the basis of Marxism. Early …


SharabiSarkar Trends on Twitter | Know the reason Why!

SharabiSarkar has been trending on the various social media sites for almost 24 hours. And guess what no one gives a damn about it. In lockdown 3.0 starting from 4th May 2020 Government of India has given certain relaxation. One of the major key points of relaxation was opening liquor shops in green zones. The …

poonam pandey's most viral photos and videos

Poonam Pandey’s most viral Photos and Videos

Poonam Pandey hasn’t been able to make much of name for herself in the Bollywood. However, that hasn’t stopped from being popular on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When Poonam Pandey’s most viral Photos and Videos are being talked about, they are just too many of them. A little about POONAM PANDEY …