Thakur Anoop Singh

11 Best Bodybuilders in India with Incredible Body Profiles

So what’s the first name that comes into your mind when we talk about bodybuilders? It must be Arnold Schwarzenegger, right? Or maybe Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson? And why not, as these are the only ones that we’ve seen performing on-screen action sequels. Now if I ask you to name any from the Indian community, …

Kota Factory: Best web series on YouTube

7 Best Web Series On YouTube Which Are Highly Influential

Do you know what’s the best part about the web series on YouTube? They don’t need any monthly subscriptions to start with. Which means that you can easily find some best web series on YouTube by paying exactly nothing and still remaining uncompromised in the quality. With thousands of videos uploaded every day, it’s still …

Hot Indian web series

7 Hot Indian Web Series With High Sexual Content | 18+

The moment Ullu and Alt Balaji (Adult OTT platforms) came, demand for the hot Indian web series rose. The reason being their sexy and seductive picturisation woven up with crisp story plots. And as they read the wave right, they became highly successful in no time. Now, there is a separate space and slot for …


10 Richest Celebrities In India With their Humongous Wealth

People in sports and entertainment are the biggest earners in the country. The people in cricket and Bollywood always compete to be the richest celebrities in India. At some time the richest cricketer in India is also the richest of all celebrities and both some other time the richest actor in India is the richest …

List of Indian Web Series

Best 8 List of Indian Web Series That You Can’t Miss Watching

The List of Indian Web Series is the most sought query that seems never-ending. Gone are the days when movies and t.v serials used to be our only sources of entertainment. Today, the Indian audience is seen more concerned for the Indian Web Series than anything else. The reason being better story plots and of …

most beautiful actress in bollywood

10 Most Beautiful Actress in Bollywood With Enormous Fan Following

Bollywood is something that Indians worship. Because apart from entertainment, it’s also a hub of India’s most beautiful actresses. And I’m sure that at some point of time even you must have sought Google for your “Most Beautiful Actress in India” query. And because Google noted down your immense curiosity for the same, we are …