Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of June 2020/ Chandra Grahan

Stunning and Rare Lunar Eclipse of June 2020: A Chandra Grahan You Can’t Miss

Lunar Eclipse of June 2020: Out of the 4 lunar eclipses (Chandra Grahan), Lunar Eclipse of June 2020 is the second one. An eclipse is formed through different alignments of the Earth, Sun, and the Moon. When Earth comes in between the other two, we see a lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan).

What’s more interesting is that this Lunar Eclipse of June 2020 is going to be the penumbral lunar eclipse. This is just one of the three types of lunar eclipses, namely Total, Partial, and Penumbral. Out of these three, Penumbral Lunar eclipses are the rarest ones.

In this type, only the portion of Moon closest to the Earth’s umbra (the central region where most of the sunlight falls) appear dark, while the rest of the portion appears light. This Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur this week between June 5 and June 6.

The first Chandra Grahan 2020 occurred in January.

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Interesting facts about Penumbral Lunar Eclipse/Chandra Grahan of June 2020

1: June’s Full Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon. So this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will also be known by the name of Strawberry Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan.

2: According to the, people in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia might get the beautiful sight of this rare Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

3: It’s going to be a bit different from the normal full moon.

4: Moon will seem a shade darker (70% portion) during the peak time of this Chandra Grahan

5: It will continue to flaunt its beauty for almost 2 and a half hours.

Timings of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of June 2020

This Chandra Grahan 2020 will start from 11:15 p.m of June 5 and end at 2:34 a.m of June 6. The peak time is estimated as 12:54 a.m.

The third Chandra Grahan will be seen in July. While the last of the year is scheduled to occur in November 2020.

Having discussed the details of this lunar eclipse, let’s just quickly go through some of the beautiful lunar eclipses of the history.

#1: Lunar Eclipse of 15th June 2011

Lunar Eclipse of June 15, 2011
Source: (Reuters)

#2: Lunar Eclipse of 4th April 2015

Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015

#3: Lunar Eclipse of 12th October 2016

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of June 2020/ Chandra Grahan
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: Source-APoD NASA

#4: Lunar Eclipse of January 2017

Lunar Eclipse of January 2017

#5:Chandra Grahan 2020 (January)

Chandra Grahan of January 2020

Moon is by far one the most beautiful things that nature has given us. We have always used it as an expression of love, beauty, loneliness, and sometimes sorrow. But the beauty is that it never lets us down. With unmissable variants, it’s like a treat to watch, especially on some lonely nights with coffee (sometimes beer).

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Final Note on Chandra Grahan 2020

Lunar Eclipse of June 2020 is going to be a beautiful space entity for sure. So feed reminders in your phones and at least try if you can see some change in the full moon of June 5th 2020.

It’s also reported that this Chandra Grahan is going to affect some specific zodiac signs, especially their relationships. But when some rare and beautiful sights are to be caught in action, we should least think about the negative aspects of it. Just enjoy the beauty and let go of the things we can’t control.

We’ll share some more images of the Lunar Eclipse of June 2020 (Chandra Grahan) tomorrow. For more updates on the news, stay tuned and share this piece,

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