Kunal Kamra Tries to Roast Carry Minati in his new video, gets severely trolled

Kunal Kamra tries to roast Carry Minati but failed miserably.

Kunal Kamra, a renowned propagandist and a lesser comedian on 29th May tried to roast Indian Youtuber Carry Minati for his “flop roasts and zero sentiments’ towards cyberbullying.

So basically he posted a video on his YouTube channel with the title “Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye!” which, in just 9 hours got a million views. Not just views, but dislikes that were roughly 5 times the no. of likes on his video. Surprising? Not for Kamra. He is just a serial offender who loves attention even if it is in the form of some backlash.

But ever since he posted that video, people began severely trolling him for his cringe sense of humour. And trust me none of them is wrong. Not even for a second in that entire video, there is anything funny. It’s just some flop punches, cringe analogies, and bad humour timing clubbed together to make an arrogant response.

Kunal Kamra where starts with roasting him for lacking fresh content, later calls him out for cyberbullying people through his roasts. He then proceeds with calling him weak in General Knowledge with a clip. Moreover, he says that Carry Minati insults poor, without any substantial reference.

Now imagine a paid-troll who brings in the same Modi-Nirmala jibe in everything, calling out a famous YouTuber for using the same abuses in his videos. Hypocrisy?

What’s more interesting is that his video is edited by the “Official Peeing Human”. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a left-leaning youtube channel that hails Raja Ravish Kumar and criticises the right-wing, especially Bhakts. 

But that’s not the problem. You just go and look at their video-editing skills. It’s just Cringe x 100

Now you must be thinking Why Kamra has a problem with Carry right? If yes, you are wrong. Kamra has nothing to do with him, but the tik-toker (Amir Siddiqui) that Carry roasted earlier.

Check this: Amir Siddiqui Roasted by Carry Minati: YouTube Vs Tik-Tok

It is now known to all that Kunal Kamra has a soft-corner for a specific community. Because they are his actual source of income. Or where do you think his views come from? From the same people who love bashing Hindus, Cows, Modi, and Bhakts. And because a large chunk of the tik-tokers supports him in all this, it’s his duty to reciprocate.

So it’s highly probable that some tik-tokers deeply hurt by Carry Minati’s roast, called Kunal Kamra to bring in a counter-roast to tease all the YouTubers. But what’s the funniest is that after days of humiliation and bullying, all they could come up with was Kunal Kamra. Are you serious? At least they should have hired Tanmay Bhatt for some classic stuff.

Paise Barbaad Behen**od

What happened when Kunal Kamra Tries to Roast Carry Minati?

Now just look at some of the memes people have started dedicating him on Twitter:

#1: Kunal Kamra roasting Carry Minati

#2: Kunal Kamra Tries to Roast Carry Minati

#3: Kunal Kamra getting trolled

#4: Carry Minati fans trolled Kunal Kamra

and there are endless on what happens when Kunal Kamra tries to roast Carry Minati.

For people who are still wondering why Kamra took this much time to troll his target. He is not late at all. In fact, his target is to put something before Carry brings out anything new. So that paid-promotion can be done for free. Actually Carry Minati released a one minute trailer on his YouTube account calling for Yalgaar (which means to attack). The title was “Yalgaar…Coming Soon”

YouTube Vs Tik-Tok to benefit Kamra?

It is believed that Carry is going to counter-attack his trolls who have played a big role in misinterpreting his words and presenting them in a wrong way. Allegedly who reported his video down for cyberbullying. And Kamra thought this is the ideal time to be in public. For free promotion and trends? Right, through YouTube Vs Tik-Tok.

It is estimated that this time his new video will emerge to be India’s first non-musical video with most no. of likes. Unfortunately, his last video couldn’t pay off well. But this time it’s going to get quite obvious. 

Although nothing can be said as how far this Kunal Kamra Vs Carry Minati thing will go, the matter is definitely going to break the internet into two-parts. It’s going to be “Muser backed Kamra Vs Memers backed Carry” which we hope don’t stretch for too long. 

Only two parties are gaining profits out of this rivalry, namely YouTube and Tik-Tok. While initially the latter got mass-reported on the play store, it’s rating dropped down to 1.2. But Google deleted nearly 20 million reviews on Tik-Tok and boosted up its rating back to 4.4. In the end, it’s all business, where controversies do the essential marketing.

Anyways, you stay tuned for all the updates on what follows when Kunal Kamra tries to roast Carry Minati. Will bring in more crisp memes and fresh content to you as the matter takes its course.



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