karl marx (socio-economist)

Karl Marx (socio-economist)-Remembering him in Covid19

Karl Marx the socio-economist, the historian, political theorist or the journalist is being remembered by the word in the hard times of COVID19. Today is the 202th anniversary of Karl Marx the socio-economist. Karl Marx was born in Germany and published ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and ‘Das Kapital,’ and these form the basis of Marxism.

Early Life of Marx

Karl Heinrich Marx was born to Heinrich and Henrietta Marx and was one of nine children. His father was a successful lawyer and a passionate activist for Prussian reform. Marx was an average student. He was educated at home until he was 12. Marx studied at the University of Bonn and later on enrolled in the University of Berlin.

In Berlin, he studied law and philosophy. Marx did not settle down. He received his doctorate from the University of Jena in 1841, but his radical politics prevented him from procuring a teaching position. He began to work as a journalist, and in 1842, he became the editor of Rheinische Zeitung, a liberal newspaper in Cologne.

Just one year later, the government ordered the newspaper’s suppression, effective April 1, 1843. Karl  Marx(socio-economist) resigned on March 18th. Three months later, in June, he finally married Jenny von Westphalen, and in October, they moved to Paris.

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Quotes by Karl Marx

Karl Marx was quite famous for his world-famous quotes. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous quotes to understand him and his teachings in a better way.

: The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”

“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”

“Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through”

“Accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the same time accumulation of misery, the agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation, at the opposite pole”


The learning of a man as brilliant as Karl Max is always there with the society and help us in making the world a better place.



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