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Cyclone Amphan to hit West Bengal today | NDRF on High-Alert | Live Updates and News

While we are already in the middle of this pandemic, 2020 still has a lot of surprises left. And in this chronology, now is the turn of the Cyclone Amphan. Also pronounced as UM-PUN, Amphan is an intense cyclonic storm with heavy damage wreaking capacity. Among the most prone states comes the Odisha and West Bengal.

Indian Meteorological Department on 19th May reported that this super cyclone Amphan will cross coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh on 20th May anytime between afternoon to evening. The speed of this cyclone can vary between 155 to 185 kmph.

Here is the Official Tweet by Indian Meteorological Department

Standing strong against Cyclone Amphan

Talking about India’s preparations, Haldia Petrochemicals and Indian Oil Refinery in East Midnapore are kept on high alert. Odisha’s government officials have been asked to discourage migrants from coming back to their hometowns. The accepted migrants are in the shelter homes for now.

As Amphan approaches the shores of West Bengal, The Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) has stopped the movement of all the vessels and mariners to protect its assets and merchant ships from any sort of damage. NDRF teams are ready to deal with the outcomes. From issuing periodic warnings to safely evacuating vulnerable people, they are doing a brilliant job. NDRF officials also made announcements in Digha to spread awareness.

While the expected landfall of Cyclone Amphan is due on 20th, NDRF is making sure that everyone is ready.

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Moreover, Bangladesh also has ordered to evacuate vulnerable people to a safer place. The authorities (Bangladesh) keeps the target of evacuating 2 million people to 12k shelter homes before Wednesday. They are also taking precautions to have the least damage from this cyclone Amphan.

While we see no other option than to face it, let’s just pray to come out of this safely.

We will keep sharing updates on this cyclone Amphan. Stay tuned. Also, share this news as much as you can.

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