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Country which claimed to have made Covid-19 antibody

While the world aims at inventing its own Coronavirus vaccine, Israel stands out to have made its own Covid-19 antibody first. This news broke out when Israel’s Defence Ministery officially claimed to have done do. Naftali Bennett on May 5th reported that the IIBR has developed a monoclonal neutralising antibody in its labs.

This antibody is efficient to neutralise the virus in the carrier’s body itself. This Institute (Biological Research) works under the PMO in Ness Ziona, Israel. It claimed that this antibody attacks the virus within the infected bodies and prevents further spread.

It has been isolated at the IIBR as for now with reports that soon its mass production is going to start. According to some global reports, IIBR director Shmuel Shapira said that they have already patented the rights. Now they seek international manufacturer to mass-produce it.

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Interesting Features of this COVID-19 Antibody


Unlike other countries who have developed polyclonal treatments, this antibody is monoclonal. This means that it is derived from a single recovered cell. Thus it is more efficient in yielding aid to the ongoing crisis.

Neutralising Antibody

Remdivisir is also a cure as claimed. But due to lack of adequate trials, it lacks clarity. But this antibody has sufficient data to prove its ability. The US is already using Remdivisir in its hospitals as a cure. It has to, until and unless this antibody is mass-produced.

Israel earlier proved its proactiveness by shutting down international borders first. With more stringent restrictions, it has highly succeeded in containing this virus within its premises. Now, when the world is struggling, Israel’s coronavirus antibody is the aid that we all were looking for.

Hope it produces it soon so that we can end this together. Leave your comments. Also share it with your friends.

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