10 Smallest Countries in the World

Are you aware of the smallest countries in the world or what is the area each of them covers or which is the smallest county in Asia? If yes, check out how accurate you are and if no just go and read the article to increase your knowledge and make your friend aware of the … Read more

Largest Countries in the World by Total Area- Top 10

largest countries by land mass

China and India are the two largest countries by population in the world however they are not the largest countries by area in the world. Then who among all the countries are the largest countries in the world by area? We are going to answer the same question for you. But before that do you … Read more

Most Expensive Hotel in The World-Top 10

most expensive hotel in the world

Have you ever wondered that night stay in the most expensive hotel in the world can cost you a fortune? If you ever win a lottery or have a lot of money to spend just go out there and visit the most expensive hotel room in the world. Dubai is a travel destination for many … Read more

Majestic Visuals Of the Tallest Buildings in the World 2020

Tianjin CTF Finance Center

I agree that there is nothing bigger than your dreams, but being on the terrace of some brilliantly designed skyscrapers is equivalently fun. Because watching humans crawling like ants, gazing wonderful sunsets, and talking with eagles flying by your sight is a god-level experience. Isn’t it? And to multiply this further, we are here with … Read more

Most Expensive City in The World-Top10

Most Expensive City in The World

The status of a person is defined by two things. Number one is the money he has and second is the city that he can afford to live in. However, it is not easy to find the most expensive city in the world when you don’t have enough money as every city looks like the … Read more

5 Strangest Buildings In the World That are Cringy

Have you ever thought what are some strangest buildings in the world? Who built them? You certainly might have. You need not be a civil engineer or an architect to observe such a wonder. Just need to have an observant eye. If you love to wander around the world you would have witnessed some great … Read more

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