18 Romantic Bollywood Movies of our Generation

romantic bollywood movies

People of India have always liked romantic Bollywood movies. Romance is one genre that stands apart when compared to others and the reason is people often say love is stupid. Love in Bollywood movies always showed us how a boy met a girl, fell in love with her at first sight, and ends up marrying … Read more

7 Best Web Series On YouTube Which Are Highly Influential

Kota Factory: Best web series on YouTube

Do you know what’s the best part about the web series on YouTube? They don’t need any monthly subscriptions to start with. Which means that you can easily find some best web series on YouTube by paying exactly nothing and still remaining uncompromised in the quality. With thousands of videos uploaded every day, it’s still … Read more

Best 8 List of Indian Web Series That You Can’t Miss Watching

List of Indian Web Series

The List of Indian Web Series is the most sought query that seems never-ending. Gone are the days when movies and t.v serials used to be our only sources of entertainment. Today, the Indian audience is seen more concerned for the Indian Web Series than anything else. The reason being better story plots and of … Read more

Top 10 Adult Erotic Movies To Tickle Your Sexual Hormones | 18+

Best Erotic Movies Online

Out of all the genres we have today, Erotica is likely the only one that may stir all your sexual fantasies and desires. The reason being its intense foreplay and steaming story plots. And ever since the demand for Erotica grew, Erotic movies started flooding the industry. Now we have some best erotic movies for … Read more

10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies to BINGE-WATCH right away

most romantic hollywood movies

Finding the right stuff to binge-watch is undoubtedly the hardest job these days. Hardest because it’s both confusing and exhaustive to scroll through most of the Internet and end up with nothing. And this job toughens when you plan to watch something with your better half. But no worries, as this blog will list down … Read more

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