Most Wanted in India-Dangerous and Inhuman

most wanted in india

People of India have witnessed several terrorist attacks over the year and will keep doing so until the most wanted in India are caught and given the treatment they deserve for their inhuman crimes.¬† The people involved in these terrorist attacks keep on changing however their leader is one of the most wanted criminals in … Read more

75 Psychological Facts About Humans No One wants You to Know

psychological facts about humans

Human Psychology controls a lot of things we do. How we react to different situations is determined by human psychology. There are certain psychological facts that most of us are unaware of and are never bothered about them. So here is a list of psychological facts that can have a big impact on you and … Read more

25 Interesting Facts About India That You Might Be Unaware Of

Interesting facts about india

Saying that India has now been quickly emerging as a global superpower, people often ask what’s so special about India? Well, to be precise, India has everything that only a few developed countries today have access to. This blog will tell you about those 25 Interesting Facts about India that will totally take you by … Read more

10 Best In-House Party Games to Boost up your Drinking Carnival

in-house party games

In-house parties are some tough ones to host but are equally potential mood-boosters if planned right. This planning can vary anywhere between fixing fairy lights, to organizing In-house party games to make sure the guests are entertained. And because the best drinking games are hard to find, here are the best in-house party games that … Read more

12 Most Expensive Things In the World

most expensive things in the world

Have you ever wondered what are the most expensive things in the world? Like the most¬†expensive car or the most expensive shoes or the most expensive watch! Yeah, might have. Seeing the prices of different things all over the world you might have wondered how can something be so costly. There is a fact that … Read more

10 Fastest Trains In The World With Unbelievable Speeds

Have you ever imagined what is the speed of the fastest trains in the world? Is it fuxing hao cr400af bf? Which country has the fastest train in the world? If the answer to the question is yes, you are at the right place at the right time. We will help you know more about … Read more

8 Guinness World Records That Will Make You Go Nuts

A hell lot of Guinness World Records are made every year and many are broken. However, there are certain Guinness World Records that will make you think about what you know and what you don’t. Well, we all know something about human life, however, most of us don’t know about creatures that stay with us … Read more

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