10 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

most dangerous dogs in the world

Seldom you’ll come across people who would prefer an aggressive specie over a cute one. Dogs, who have been a man’s best friends since ages, share this extreme range of traits. While some are extremely calm and lovable, the others could be very dangerous. In fact, it’s believed that a dog’s temperament is highly dependent … Read more

10 Smartest animals in the world

smartest animals in the world

Measuring animal intelligence is not an easy task and ranking animals based on their smartness is next to impossible. However, the question about the smartest animals in the world is never-ending. Moreover, animals can not be ranked based on smartness because it’s very hard to compare the smartness of 2 different species as the tasks … Read more

Most Expensive Dog in the World-Top 20

most expensive dogs

People often say friendship is priceless. And actually, it is. But a canine friend can be a heavy burden on your pocket. With the rise in the demand for dogs as pets, the price has also seen a drastic rise. But what actually is the price of the Most Expensive Dog in the World, or … Read more

Cutest Dog Breeds in the World To Cuddle With

cutest dog breeds in the world

A dog is a man’s best friend, no matter what situation you are in. The friend becomes more important when it’s cute and lovely to cuddle with. People all around the world are trying to find out the most cutest dog breeds to pet them however there are so many cute dog breeds available around … Read more

You’re RICH If You Can Afford These 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World

Morgan: most expensive horse breeds in the world 2020

Horse breeding despite being a limited business alone contributes $101.5 Billion dollars to the US economy. Surprising isn’t it? And when I researched for the most expensive horse in the world 2020, I found some common breeds that they all belonged to. This is the reason why I am dedicating this blog to the most … Read more

Looking for the Most Expensive Horse in the World 2020? Let’s find out

Most expensive horse breeds: Palloubet d'Halong

Horses have always been a royal ride. From Gods to the most valiant warriors, you’ll find numerous cases where horses proved their worth. They not only impart a sense of royal pleasure but are also some of the most loyal human friends. But if I say that a stallion can even cost you more than … Read more

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