Carry Minati Yalgaar

Carry Minati’s YALGAAR is out and NO it’s not a new ROAST: Details Inside

Carry Minati Yalgaar: Indian YouTuber Carry Minati recently posted a new video called ‘YALGAAR’ on his YouTube channel and ended all the ongoing suspense and fan theories that had been piling up for weeks. But this time it’s not just a casual roast. It’s actually a song sung by Carry Minati himself.

Yalgaar basically means ‘to attack‘. And guess what, Carry did exactly the same. In his 3 minutes long musical video, he talks about how those who’ve earned from his roasts tried to snatch his bread by bringing down his most famous YouTube video.

Here it is:


To summarise Carry Minati ‘s Yalgaar

The tone of the entire song is that of retaliation. His video showcased all those faces that had been hurting him for the past one month. This includes popular Youtubers like Dhruv Rathee, Kunal Kamra, Tik-Toker Amir Siddiqui, and many more.

The entire video dealt with Carry calling out all the traitors. He expresses his mood to retaliate and to continue roasting people. But this time his targets would be new, maybe the ones who had been trying to bring down his channel.

The controversy behind YouTube Vs Tik-Tok

The spark that invited Tik-Toker Amir Siddiqui started from Elvish Yadav. Elvish himself is a YouTuber, who in his own video roasted all the Tik-Tokers. Amir Siddiqui then replied back with his own opinions and thoughts on the whole matter. Not just opinions he literally tried to roast the YouTubers.

Carry, who is famous for his roasts took it in his own hands and the rest is history. But as soon as his video was taken down, he started receiving threats. Amidst all the bullying and harassment, came the Kunal Kamra. Now he too tried to roast Carry Minati but failed miserably.

For more details read this: Kunal Kamra tried to roast Carry Minati but gets severely trolled

In fact, he was brutally trolled for his bad sense of humour on social media. Twitter was just one such place. Hashtag Kunal Kamra became a trend, where memers and trollers called him out for coming up with cringe-level humour.

Carry meanwhile had already hinted for ‘Yalgaar‘ by releasing a 1-minute trailer on YouTube. Even a couple of days ago, he posted “YALGAAR coming soon, Be ready”.

And now when Carry Minati had finally called that his ‘YALGAAR’ (attack) would continue, this has further incited a spark in the whole controversy. While the other fan theories of possible ‘Diss track or a Roast’ have ended, it’s time to see what the other party comes up with.


It’s speculated that Amir Siddiqui too has been writing a diss track against Carry Minati.

As far as the Carry Minati ‘s Yalgaar records are concerned, this video is definitely going to cross the mark of 1 million likes. Although his previous video “YouTube Vs TikTok- The End” was taken down before reaching the record mark, his fans now are all buckled up to show their power.

Even YouTube can’t take it down this time. As Carry Minati Yalgaar does not violate any of its policies. It’s a plain and simple music video which is not even a diss track. So if Pew Die Pie’s diss track against T-Series wasn’t taken down, this video too shall remain.

Final Note on Carry Minati Yalgaar

Although Carry Minati Yalgaar will definitely spark up a new controversy soon, let’s just wait and see how the world reacts. The song is all you can groove upon. It’s some hardcore music that can surely incite the dead spark inside you too. So just listen to it if you haven’t and you can share your views with us by commenting down below.

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