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Carry Minati’s Bigg Boss 14 Stunt Could Backfire Amidst SSR Row

Ajey Nagar, aka Carry Minati, is joining Bigg Boss 14 for which he has already been quarantined in Mumbai. This was practiced as per COVID-19 protocols. Carry, along with other 4 YouTubers have reached Mumbai to shoot for the first episode which is supposed to air on October 1st.

Well, this is not the first time when Bigg Boss team tried to hunt YouTubers for higher TRPs. Last year also, there were speculations that Bhuvan Bam, another YouTube sensation, would be a part of it. But Bhuvan declined them all by his clarifications on the show and its absurd format.

Carry Minati on the other hand, has a massive no. of followers on YouTube in India. And probably to boost these stats further, he’s now going for something that might upset Sushant Singh Rajput’s Fans. Not because the show is average but because it has Salman Khan as a host. Sushant’s death raised a million questions and fingers towards the Bollywood gang, which the host is actively a part of.

And while the people are already angry with it, Carry Minati’s stunt of joining Big Boss could most probably backfire on his social media growth and influence. Ajey’s YouTube Vs Tik-Tok controversy may have won him the followers’ race, but he is least responsible towards them.

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That’s the reason audience values Bhuvan Bam more. His ethics are far more refined and he knows the responsibility he carries. But Ajey Nagar’s decision is something that wasn’t the need of the hour.

Carry Minati’s Possible Mindset Behind Joining Bigg Boss?

Well, Carry Minati knows the art of being in controversies and use it to build a fan base. Just like YouTube Vs Tik-Tok, Big Boss is yet another push that he might be craving for. And the Law of PR states that, the more you stay in controversies, the more you’ll get noticed. Carry is probably following the same.

And not just him, but the Big Boss 14 organizers also played well. They knew that with Salman Khan on the sets amidst SSR Row, they could hardly hit the TRPs. So they chased a Youtuber (Carry Minati) who has a massive fan-base besides having high-profile backing that emerged during the YouTube Vs Tik-Tok controversy.

Otherwise, who would want to be a part of a show that he himself trolled in one of his YouTube video.


Building narratives first and then breaking them has become a normal trend now.

In the end, it’s all about money my friend. It’s all about the publicity craving that social media stars struggle for. But it’s his choice (feat Neha Dhupia). So he’s bound to do whatever he wants.

Now it’s all up to the audience. They are the real Iron Man with a gauntlet, ready to snap. Let’s see how it goes.

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