10 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

most dangerous dogs in the world

Seldom you’ll come across people who would prefer an aggressive specie over a cute one. Dogs, who have been a man’s best friends since ages, share this extreme range of traits. While some are extremely calm and lovable, the others could be very dangerous. In fact, it’s believed that a dog’s temperament is highly dependent … Read more

Who is the Highest-Paid NFL Player 2020? Top 13

who is the highest-paid nfl player 2020

Out of the four professional American sports, National Football League (NFL) raises the highest revenue. NFL’s 2019 season alone made around $16 Billion. Wow! And this is not the only reason why this game is so much popular. It also breeds some of the highest-paid NFL players every season. Mahomes and Bosa are a few … Read more

Top 10 Popular Female Bodybuilders on Instagram

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders on Instagram

While bodybuilders look all rough and tough from the outside, this list of sexiest female bodybuilders on Instagram is enough to change anyone’s perspective. Bodybuilding had always been a men’s sport. Bodybuilder workout too is not easy, which as an excuse kept females away from this sport. But as more and more bodybuilding athletes started … Read more

You’re RICH If You Can Afford These 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World

Morgan: most expensive horse breeds in the world 2020

Horse breeding despite being a limited business alone contributes $101.5 Billion dollars to the US economy. Surprising isn’t it? And when I researched for the most expensive horse in the world 2020, I found some common breeds that they all belonged to. This is the reason why I am dedicating this blog to the most … Read more

Majestic Visuals Of the Tallest Buildings in the World 2020

Tianjin CTF Finance Center

I agree that there is nothing bigger than your dreams, but being on the terrace of some brilliantly designed skyscrapers is equivalently fun. Because watching humans crawling like ants, gazing wonderful sunsets, and talking with eagles flying by your sight is a god-level experience. Isn’t it? And to multiply this further, we are here with … Read more

Looking for the Most Expensive Horse in the World 2020? Let’s find out

Most expensive horse breeds: Palloubet d'Halong

Horses have always been a royal ride. From Gods to the most valiant warriors, you’ll find numerous cases where horses proved their worth. They not only impart a sense of royal pleasure but are also some of the most loyal human friends. But if I say that a stallion can even cost you more than … Read more

11 Best Bodybuilders in India with Incredible Body Profiles

Thakur Anoop Singh

So what’s the first name that comes into your mind when we talk about bodybuilders? It must be Arnold Schwarzenegger, right? Or maybe Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson? And why not, as these are the only ones that we’ve seen performing on-screen action sequels. Now if I ask you to name any from the Indian community, … Read more

7 Best Web Series On YouTube Which Are Highly Influential

Kota Factory: Best web series on YouTube

Do you know what’s the best part about the web series on YouTube? They don’t need any monthly subscriptions to start with. Which means that you can easily find some best web series on YouTube by paying exactly nothing and still remaining uncompromised in the quality. With thousands of videos uploaded every day, it’s still … Read more

Best 8 List of Indian Web Series That You Can’t Miss Watching

List of Indian Web Series

The List of Indian Web Series is the most sought query that seems never-ending. Gone are the days when movies and t.v serials used to be our only sources of entertainment. Today, the Indian audience is seen more concerned for the Indian Web Series than anything else. The reason being better story plots and of … Read more

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