Most Wanted in India-Dangerous and Inhuman

most wanted in india

People of India have witnessed several terrorist attacks over the year and will keep doing so until the most wanted in India are caught and given the treatment they deserve for their inhuman crimes.  The people involved in these terrorist attacks keep on changing however their leader is one of the most wanted criminals in … Read more

10 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

most dangerous dogs in the world

Seldom you’ll come across people who would prefer an aggressive specie over a cute one. Dogs, who have been a man’s best friends since ages, share this extreme range of traits. While some are extremely calm and lovable, the others could be very dangerous. In fact, it’s believed that a dog’s temperament is highly dependent … Read more

18 Romantic Bollywood Movies of our Generation

romantic bollywood movies

People of India have always liked romantic Bollywood movies. Romance is one genre that stands apart when compared to others and the reason is people often say love is stupid. Love in Bollywood movies always showed us how a boy met a girl, fell in love with her at first sight, and ends up marrying … Read more

10 Smartest animals in the world

smartest animals in the world

Measuring animal intelligence is not an easy task and ranking animals based on their smartness is next to impossible. However, the question about the smartest animals in the world is never-ending. Moreover, animals can not be ranked based on smartness because it’s very hard to compare the smartness of 2 different species as the tasks … Read more

Who is the Highest-Paid NFL Player 2020? Top 13

who is the highest-paid nfl player 2020

Out of the four professional American sports, National Football League (NFL) raises the highest revenue. NFL’s 2019 season alone made around $16 Billion. Wow! And this is not the only reason why this game is so much popular. It also breeds some of the highest-paid NFL players every season. Mahomes and Bosa are a few … Read more

10 Smallest Countries in the World

Are you aware of the smallest countries in the world or what is the area each of them covers or which is the smallest county in Asia? If yes, check out how accurate you are and if no just go and read the article to increase your knowledge and make your friend aware of the … Read more

Largest Countries in the World by Total Area- Top 10

largest countries by land mass

China and India are the two largest countries by population in the world however they are not the largest countries by area in the world. Then who among all the countries are the largest countries in the world by area? We are going to answer the same question for you. But before that do you … Read more

Top 10 Popular Female Bodybuilders on Instagram

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders on Instagram

While bodybuilders look all rough and tough from the outside, this list of sexiest female bodybuilders on Instagram is enough to change anyone’s perspective. Bodybuilding had always been a men’s sport. Bodybuilder workout too is not easy, which as an excuse kept females away from this sport. But as more and more bodybuilding athletes started … Read more

Most Expensive Dog in the World-Top 20

most expensive dogs

People often say friendship is priceless. And actually, it is. But a canine friend can be a heavy burden on your pocket. With the rise in the demand for dogs as pets, the price has also seen a drastic rise. But what actually is the price of the Most Expensive Dog in the World, or … Read more

Most Expensive Hotel in The World-Top 10

most expensive hotel in the world

Have you ever wondered that night stay in the most expensive hotel in the world can cost you a fortune? If you ever win a lottery or have a lot of money to spend just go out there and visit the most expensive hotel room in the world. Dubai is a travel destination for many … Read more

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